The wave of the future
We are professional and experienced tutors that give personal attention to students who want to succeed in their English studies at IB and AP.

IBcando believe that the ideal learning situation is one where a student works together with a dedicated mentor on a specific task or assignment.

Our virtual service and tools provide a unique learning experience tailored to the needs of the individual.

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Online sessions can be used for just about anything – improving your commentary writing, formulating thesis statements, practicing for an IOP/IOC presentation, – or when you just need help with a difficult assignment. Expert, friendly advice is always at hand.

Proof Reading & Editing

A significant part of your final grade in any IB written-assignment lies in style, appropriateness and how you approach and answer the question. Ideas alone are not enough.

Voice and Audio Recording

We offer high quality voice recordings in English and French for private, commerical and public use. Teachers and educational institutions wishing to animate their own, privately-produced material, with a range of authentic English or French accents or speaking styles can now do so easily and at affordable rates.