Proof-Reading FAQ

When should I use proofreading / editing and when tutoring?


Proofreading/editing is great when you need

  • written feedback and guidance for an assignment you are working on. It can be the very first (rough-) draft or your final one .. or something in between.  Regardless of the stage, you’ll get plenty of advice on how to improve it, with actual corrections.
  •  written feedback for exam Papers 1 and 2.  We have a large archive of previous questions and exams (with IB examiner evaluations). Write your own responses to any of these exam prompts and get detailed feedback and evaluation on each of your responses. You can, of course, opt to get all your feedback via live tutoring too, but this does not include a written record.

Live tutoring, on the other hand, is best when you need

  • to discuss in detail particular aspects of an assignment
  • to practise a particular skill e.g. writing a thesis statement, analysing literary passages…
  • to practise for a major oral assessment (IOC/FOA/IOP)
  • to discuss feedback you receive from us or your teacher
  • to go over the criteria and aims of the course or of an assignment
  • any kind of academic counselling

For best results, we recommend you use a combination of proofreading and live tutoring for any one goal. Ask us to advise you.


What do I get with proofreading/editing?

  • all surface errors removed,
  • improved overall coherency
  • detailed  guidance on how to improve your work
  • a criterion-based evaluation of your first draft (when applicable)
  • improved grade

Our student clients come to us with a varying needs and wishes. As a result, we try to be as flexible as possible. If you wish something different to the above, do let us know. Please keep in mind that this could result in a slight difference in price.

How long does proofreading take?

Normally, your work is proofread and returned within 48 hours. For rush jobs (24 hours), add one extra credit.

Can I get my TOK and EE projects checked?

Yes.  Use the site’s contact button. Type “Check my EE / TOK”  in the subject field, and attach your document. We will answer you within 24 hours. If you have a personal tutor, then you may contact him/her directly.

Will my assignments be posted or shown to other candidates?

Never. All your work is kept confidential never shared with anyone outside of IBcando.

Can I get proofreading for other subjects?

Yes.  You can expect the same service for written assignments  in History, Social Sciences, Anthropology and Art studies, for example.

How many credits do I need for proofreading /editing?

English A:

  • Teacher-assigned class assignments, essays (700 words or less) = 1 credit
  • Internally-assessed assignments (IOC, FOA, IOP, scripts ) = 1 credit
  • Externally-assessed assignments (WA / WT or equivalent ) = 2 credits
  • Extended Essay (EE) or Theory of Knowledge (TOK) project = 2 credits (one draft proofed- edited); 3 credits (two draft-versions proofed-edited).

English B:

  • Same as above, with the exception that WA/WT assignments are charged 1 credit only.

(1 credit=29.99€. The price already includes VAT)