Payment options

We offer two payment options:

  • PayPal, as the most recognized and trusted world-wide service for electronic payments. It is a secure system that lets anyone with an email address send and receive online payments, using their credit card or bank account. Credit card details are encrypted, and personal information is kept by PayPal. Your card details are not shared with anyone else– not even with us.
  • TransferWise is a simple alternative to Paypal. This allows you to make a straightforward bank-to-bank transfer, using a link we send you via email.

How does it all work?

Our credit system is simple and flexible, allowing you to buy and spend credits when you need them. You are not locked into an expensive monthly subscription plan.

To buy credits, you must first register or log in.   The “buy credits” button will appear on the homepage.   Buy as many credits as you need, and use them up as you go. Remember that you can get free credits too! Keep an eye out for free-credit deals in our newsletter and stock up for final exams or future assignments.

How many credits will I need for tutoring?

1 credit = 1 full hour of tutoring.

How many credits will I need for proof-reading?

English A:

  • Teacher-assigned class assignments, essays (700 words or less) = 1 credit
  • Internally-assessed assignments (IOC, FOA, IOP, scripts ) = 1 credit
  • Externally-assessed assignments (WA / WT or equivalent ) = 2 credits*
  • Extended Essay (EE) or Theory of Knowledge (TOK) project = 2 credits (one draft proof- edited); 3 credits (two draft-versions proof-edited).

* Several drafts of your work are proofed and annotated.

English B:

  • Same as above, with the exception that WA/WT assignments are charged 1 credit only.

 How much does a credit cost?

1 credit = 29.99 € (includes VAT).

How long are credits good for?

Your credits are good for one calendar year. This means that you can buy now and save for later. It also means you can stock up on free credit deals during the year. Credits are non-refundable.